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My Plan for the Blackburn Rovers Website.

The current plan to take over Blackburn Rovers by us fans has stepped up a gear today with the the official announcement of the formation of Blackburn Rovers Supporters Investment Trust, it’s a brilliant initiative, and one every Rovers fans should get behind, it represents our best hope for a positive outcome to our troubles.

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The Build fails, the build succeeds.

Set up watchr to automatically run your unit tests when you save a file, follow +Sebastian Marek''s guide here: and see my copy of the watchr script here: version of the script works with Phing rather than phpunit directly & comes with options to use notify_send on Ubuntu, or Growl on OSX. Just change “growl” on line 15 to notify_send to use on Ubuntu (and probably anything Gnome based)The images in case you are interested are Susan Boyle & Simon Cowel ;-)

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