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An email to my Mum on Copyright & Extradition.

Mum, I don’t usually send things round asking others to sign them, but I think this is important enough to do just that! A little back ground. Richard O’Dwyer is a student at one of the unis in Sheffield, like many others he ran a website in his spare time. Richard’s site let people search for links to TV shows on the internet. The US wants to extradite him to stand trial where he faces up to 10 years in jail. What he did is not a crime in the UK, he has not been arrested & has not been charged with any crime in this country, and none of the equipment used for his site was in the US. For example, click on the link below, it will show you links to places where you can download CSI New York, exactly the same as Richard’s site did, the difference being this is Google.,mod=11&sourceid=chrome&ie=UTF-8&q=csi+new+york+filetype%3Atorrent The treaty which is being used to extradite him was put in place to make the extradition of terrorists easier, it was set up by the Extradition Act 2003, you can read more about it here Have a look at the kinds of people who are being extradited, none of them are terrorists, except Abu Hamza and HIS extradition has been blocked all the way through. Why do I think this is important enough to spend my whole lunch hour researching & sending this email? Because this amounts to censorship, and we cannot allow something as valuable as the internet to be censored on the mere accusation of copyright infringement. Linking to other content is what the whole internet is based on and if you let someone tell you you can’t link to something because it’s copyright, then the whole internet breaks. All those photos & jokes you send out Mum? Someone owns the copyright on those, and you do not have the original creators permission to use them, in that sense what you are doing is worse than what Richard has done, you are distributing copyright material which is a civil offence, linking to them on the internet is not. Please take the time to sign it, and once you have, you have my permission to distribute this email ;-) in fact I actively encourage it! Not © Stuart Grimshaw 1012