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I have a new GPG key that you should all use, the old one has been revoked.

New ID: 684CF089
New fingerprint: 5E48 F78E 2904 478C F209 4A37 C446 73C2 684C F089

A funny thing happened this morning when Keybase wanted to update to a new version of the client, the update went ahead fine, with no issues but then when it tried to connect to the server it could not, and neither could I through the web interface, neither could a couple of other people I asked on different networks, but “” said the site was up fine.

The signature of the update was checked fine and the only reason I have to assume something fishy was going on was me being paranoid, and the more I think about it, the more I think it’s probably Ok.

But I’ve revoked my old certificate now, so I need a new one :-)

I’m looking for a remote backup solution I can use to back up some folders off site, I’d rather not use some cloud service so I was looking to use something like BitTorrentSync, but have the files at the opposite end encrypted.

I want to have my stuff backed up at a relatives house, and let them do the same here, 
I thought about using TrueCrypt on the remote end, but that’s not available for all systems, especially the Netgear NAS I have available, I’m looking to get round that using a RaspberryPi to host the TrueCrypt volume, but that seems a bit convoluted.

Anyone done anything similar?

There’s a lot of talk at the moment about Smart Cities, Intelligent Towns and Inventive Villages (I made the last 2 up, but if there are any intelligent towns or inventive villages that want to use those terms, perhaps on a poster or website, feel free.) There are many things that make up a Smart City[1], but they all boil down to collecting data & using that data to make informed decisions about where to spend a limited budget. In it’s simplest form, that’s what it boils down to, and there are some cities in the UK having a good stab at being a smart city, Bristol, Manchester & Edinburgh.

There’s an important ingredient that I think a lot of cities are missing in their attempts to become smarter, and that’s openness.

"Some people want to fine tune a city like you do a race car but they are leaving citizens out of the process," said Anthony Townsend, director of the Institute of the Future and author of Smart Cities: Big Data, Civic Hackers, and the Quest for a New Utopia.

Sheffield is dipping it’s toe in the water with it’s Open Data Sheffield[2] group which has had several fruitful meetings with the Council, and the council has provided more data to the group to help them grow & make a better contribution. I really hope the group continues to flourish because I don’t think councils provide enough data to citizens, not even close.

To be a truly smart city you have to be an open city, you can’t have 1 small group of people deciding what data other people need to feel more involved. I’d release everything from traffic flow data to footfall data in libraries, leisure centers & community centers. Data on council tax arrears to where council tax is spent and how much it cost to replace those lamp posts. Some of this info might already be available, there’s certainly but it only has a little over 10,000 sets of data and that’s from across the whole of local & national government, there are 21 data sets for Sheffield, and most of those are NHS related [3]

Being open doesn’t just mean publishing data and sitting back brushing your hands … my work here is done. No, you need to be open to suggestions from citizens near and far, and when supported by good data you need to be willing to act on that data. If a local cycle group presents you with information on accidents in a particular area of the city you should be prepared to look at that area and address the reasons for the higher incidence of accidents and (again using data) come up with a proposal to remedy the situation. If a local resident uses the data you’ve published to show that their area gets an unusally small amount of money spent on it’s local schools then you need to be ready with data to make a change or correct them.

An open city is a smart city.


Use phpunit’s bootstrap option to tear down & recreate your database prior to each test run, not fully isolated but it does give you a test database to work from rather than running your tests against your dev db.

As a kind of follow up to my Digital Region post the other day, I was trying to track my recorded delivery letter through the post office website, and was met by this on the front page of the Post Office website


Why are the Post Office advertising mortgages on the front of their website?

Oh well, on to find out where my package got to:


hmm, so I posted a first class recorded delivery letter a week ago, and it’s “being progresses through our network”, but at least I can get a Post Office mortgage. Maybe my payments each month would be progressed through my own delivery network too.

Here is a copy of the text of a comment I left on the above ISPReview article.

Digital region would do better if the concentrated on installing their product in places where there were people to use it.

I went to their Twitter feed looking for a specific example of an install in the middle of nowhere near where I live but I didn’t need to find it, their latest tweet was that this caravan park & storage land in Doncasternow has fibre broadband.

Or perhaps this farmhouse in Barnsley (tweet) or this one over the road. These are all examples of places that have been enabled since late/end of January.

If DR can honestly say that these kinds of places are all that’s left to enable now that the rest of the populated areas of South Yorkshire are covered then fine, but as a resident of an area that only got ADSL2 at the end of last year and a BT fibre install date for our exchange of “2013” (and even that’s slipped from 2012) then you can understand why I feel a bit cross about postcodes with single farmhouses and dog tracks being enabled with tax payers money.

Are BT seriously going to consider spending the large amounts of cash to upgrade exchanges in areas covered by Digital Region? They’re either holding on in the ever decreasing hope of taking over their network, or leaving the rollout as long as they can because the competition of DR means their ROI is much lower, meanwhile large areas of South Yorkshire are left to become digital backwaters.

In vim you can use 


to move backward & forward through the changes in the current buffer.


I don’t usually send things round asking others to sign them, but I think this is important enough to do just that!

A little back ground.

Richard O’Dwyer is a student at one of the unis in Sheffield, like many others he ran a website in his spare time. Richard’s site let people search for links to TV shows on the internet. The US wants to extradite him to stand trial where he faces up to 10 years in jail.

What he did is not a crime in the UK, he has not been arrested & has not been charged with any crime in this country, and none of the equipment used for his site was in the US. For example, click on the link below, it will show you links to places where you can download CSI New York, exactly the same as Richard’s site did, the difference being this is Google.,mod=11&sourceid=chrome&ie=UTF-8&q=csi+new+york+filetype%3Atorrent

The treaty which is being used to extradite him was put in place to make the extradition of terrorists easier, it was set up by the Extradition Act 2003, you can read more about it here

Have a look at the kinds of people who are being extradited, none of them are terrorists, except Abu Hamza and HIS extradition has been blocked all the way through.

Why do I think this is important enough to spend my whole lunch hour researching & sending this email? Because this amounts to censorship, and we cannot allow something as valuable as the internet to be censored on the mere accusation of copyright infringement. Linking to other content is what the whole internet is based on and if you let someone tell you you can’t link to something because it’s copyright, then the whole internet breaks.

All those photos & jokes you send out Mum? Someone owns the copyright on those, and you do not have the original creators permission to use them, in that sense what you are doing is worse than what Richard has done, you are distributing copyright material which is a civil offence, linking to them on the internet is not.

Please take the time to sign it, and once you have, you have my permission to distribute this email ;-) in fact I actively encourage it!

Not © Stuart Grimshaw 1012

For my talk at Gistlab next week …

For my talk at Gistlab next week …